Work on the future of the port channel Badalona begin in early 2015, after 20 years of waiting. The Mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier Garcia Albiol, today presented the project of construction of the canal. It is expected that the first earthworks began at the end of next January and that the channel is completed during 2017. The total cost of the channel, without the construction of the railway viaduct, will be 4.3 million euros.

Among the president Tarradellas Square, located opposite the Municipal Palace of Sports, and the port will be located in Badalona great future backbone of the city. At the top of this mountain area is home Gorg Park, a large area that walk from Avenida del Marqués de Mont-Roig to Calle del Progreso. It was from this street begin when the channel will reach the port.

The future navigable channel and will be 360 ​​meters long and 32 meters wide, which rise to connect to the main dock port. The canal water is renewed constantly, as there will be a system that will drive the water properly sanitized since the end of the canal to the sea through an underground pipe.

The project includes the development of a total area of ​​14,000 square meters, including garden header channel where there will be a wide sheet of water. We have prioritized and wide pedestrian walkways connecting the park with the port Gorg. On each side of the channel will be home. In fact, after many years, currently there are four housing developments that are being marketed. The traffic will be two lanes on either side of the canal where you can only drive at low speed. In the drafting of the construction have continued accessibility criteria in pedestrian paths, pavements and ramps.

It is expected to divide the work into two phases. The first phase will begin with the excavation of land between the streets Industry and Progress. Then execute the works of the canal from the park Gorg to the space occupied by the temporary diversion of the railway. This phase lasts approximately 12 months.

The Mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier Garcia Albiol was "very pleased that finally can unlock a topic for more than 20 years he was paralyzed." "The construction of the canal is a key element for the development of the district of Gorg and the waterfront, and this element will be a new hub in the city."

Once the first phase of construction of the port channel, in about a year, will come into operation during the new railway point definitely to open the passage to the port channel. This second phase will include the last 100 meters of channel, West Street underpass, as well as the works of the future railway bridge.

This new viaduct 179 meters is planned to be operational by the summer of 2017. The height clearance of the new bridge will be 4 meters, which allow small draft vessels can access the port to the channel. Due to the complexity of the work will advance the current divert the railway.