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The new Base Artisanal Fisheries Badalona modern, open the city and adapted to the reality of the sector

The new Base of Artisanal Fisheries Badalona is a facility located in the Quimet Wharf Marina and Coast Fish appropiate to the reality of the sector to meet the operational needs of the group of fishermen from the sity, equipped wih the technology and controls to ensure direct consumption.

The entry into service of this project since November 2010, is home to the Brotherhood and the January 17, 2011 was taken on the activity of the pulic auction and face -resolves a long-standing demand of the group of fishermen from the city, made real demand after a participatory process and negotiator between the city of Badalona, Badalona Marine Society, the Directorate General of Fsiheries and the group of fishermen from Badalona, which now develops its business with full dignity.

The activity of the Base is developed in two key areas.
Edificio de la Lonja
  • Headquarters of the Fishermen's Confraternity, with 610 m2 in a plant
  • 15 sheds for the use and storage of every boss
  • Central room of 200m2 that receives the traditional public auction of the fish, that celebrates every day the working days, about the 12.00 of the midday. The presence is opened all the public. The purchase of fish reserves restorers and the fish markets.
  • Machine of ice -  Cold-storage room
  • Scale of weighed -  Laboratory of analysis of the control of the capturesálisis del control de las capturas
Fisher Pier
  • 17 berth at a pier space 70 meters long argo
  • Space to download and to put the gear  
  • Lighting and water services
  • Supplier of dieses specific
 To contact with the Brotherhood (located at the Quimet Wharf Marina, phone 93 384 35 06) click here